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Michael McKenna - Works


The Mahogany Rise Primary School is in North Frankston with a contracting student body within an ageing community . The school was established in the 1950ís as part of the post war suburban boom. Frankston North was a typical State housing commission settlement andabsorbed many post war immigrants. The main buildings are typical of the time with standard designs in timber framed construction (LTC).

This masterplan rationalises the school to acknowledge a contracting student numbers and also upgrades the school to improve access, address and more flexible teaching facilities. A key part of the design was to reformat the building circulation with improved amenity. This is achieved by raising the roof / ceiling, adding high level glazing to make these spaces light filled. Painted super-graphics to passages individualise and applied across the walls and ceilings. The graphic design for the junior wing is a maze of forest tones. The graphic to the senior wing is more minimalist and abstract using perspective point and colour composition.

The use of colour acknowledges the financial limitations of the project and delivers design on a budget. Importantly, the children respond positively to the colour and graphics and the individuality provided to these learning environments.

Stage: 2 stages of construction complete.

Timeline: 2001-07