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Michael McKenna - Works


This is an aid infrastructure project in Bali for AusAID. The Australia - Bali Memorial Eye Clinic (ABMEC) is located in Denpasar, the Capital City of Bali. The facility is part of ongoing health initiatives in Bali undertaken by a partnership of the Australian and Indonesian Governments, conceived in February 2003, as part of the Australian memorial to Australians, Balinese and other Nationals killed in the 2002 October terrorist attack in Kuta. This facility expands programs for eye health programs within Bali with services for the poor.

Australia - Bali Memorial Eye Clinic is an international standard specialist eye clinic and is the only dedicated eye treatment facility in Bali for the poor. The facility provides inpatient and outpatient programs with 2 operating theatres and is a centre of excellence for ophthalmic services and training in Eastern Indonesia.

The Australia - Bali Memorial Eye Clinic was delivered by a design and construct contract to comply with Australian design and construction standards. The facility delivers a contemporary medical facility with an architecture that respects the uniqueness of Balinese culture and the gritty Denpasar urban context.

Michael McKenna was the master planner and design advisor for the project. A role that included briefing, design advice and Michael led consultation with a range of Balinese and Australian stakeholders. During construction Michael McKenna lead the AusAID project team to monitor and report on quality and construction.

Stage: Construction complete.

Timeline: 2004-06.