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Michael McKenna - Works


This project for Port Phillip Housing Association redevelops the Chelmsford Mansion, a rundown residential building that wastransformed into a contemporary rooming house with 38 traditional and studio rooms. The original structure was a collection of two storey buildings from Victorian (c1880ís), Edwardian (c1900\\\'s) and modern (c1980ís) periods. The design develops two separate Rooming Houses each with separate address, circulation, communal facilities, and each has disability access units (at ground level).

Generally the new works involved reworking existing spaces, as well as sundry external works to windows, entry / canopy, fire escape stairs and redevelopment of gardens.

Most rooms have kitchens and ensuite bathrooms, which is key to contemporary rooming houses. The scope of refurbishment including required renewal of building services and building code compliance. The interior quality has been upgraded with the development of high level glazing bays and renewal of finishes with bold use of colour to interior passages and stairs.

Stage: Construction complete.

Timeline: 2002-04