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Michael McKenna - Works


This is an aid infrastructure project in Nauru funded by AusAID.

Nauru is a Pacific Island near the equator and is the worlds smallest island nation with approximately 10,000 people on just 21 square kilometers of land. Years of mining have scoured and denuded much of the island so that now the only habitable zone for most of the people is a strip around the sea edge.

Develop a masterplan for a National Sports Complex including outdoor sports oval and a covered sports stadium to promote health and sporting activities across Nauru\'s communities. Australian rules football is a national game played in Nauru there are also a range of traditional games that require more limited sandy surfaces for strength and agility contests.

The master plan proposes a new civic precinct for Nauru as part of urban renewal of the derelict “Location” district. The design integrates the facilities into the “Location” district harmonized with existing community church, school and meeting hall.

A sports field is the centerpiece of the Nauru National Sports Centre and provides a 1.76Ha flexible field for oval and rectangular shape games. A new open sided sports stadium provides a civic building for Nauru with a large clear span structure, a modern stadium design that responds Nauru\'s tropical climate. A new civic forecourt provides a place for assembly, community art and retains old Banyan trees.

The selection of structure and materials is for durability, blockwork walls, concrete floors, galvanized steel, marine grade aluminium windows, marine grade roofing, Nauruan coral and render finishes.

Stage: Concept Design.

Timeline: 2007