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Michael McKenna - Works


This design is for two apartment buildings in Footscray. The site is in Cross Street Footscray, adjacent to the Whitten Oval, Footscray West Station and the former Olympic Tyre Factory (Beaurepaires) Industrial Precinct. The site has three frontages Cross Street, Bulldogs Centre Car Park, and a laneway . The neighbourhood urban character is in transition from industrial to residential. The planning provisions for the site (DD08) allow residential use with a height limit of 4 storeys.

Design Yield: 30 apartments with on site car parking.

Some key aspect of the design are:

The design locates two separate residential buildings to main frontages with garden style apartments and a central courtyard. Each apartment building has a separate address. The ground floor has foyers and commercial space to main frontages with car parking between. There are three level of apartments. The architecture has cubic and abstract modelling recalling early 20thC modern apartment buildings. The roof scape to the main frontages is articulated with cantilevered lofts developing a dramatic sky silhouette. The building facades are finished in a mixture of brick, glass, metal and render rescaling the facades to human proportions.

Passive ESD elements are integrated into the design with optimum natural light and ventilation, high value insulation, double glazing, and sun shading. Active ESD technology will include AAAA rated water appliances, stormwater harvest with recycle for landscape irrigation and toilet cisterns.

Stage of Development: Planning Permit achieved 2015.

Timeline: 2013-18