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Michael McKenna - Works


This design is for eight apartments on a small site at the corner of Burnley and Palmer Streets in Richmond. The site is in mixed urban neighbourhood of small lot houses, flats and warehouses behind the Bridge Road shopping strip. The locality is ideal for apartments with nearby river, parklands, shopping, trams and major road access routes.

Design Yield: 8 apartments with on site car parking:

Some key aspects of the design are:

The design maximises development with a 5 storey building envelope, ground floor parking and 4 levels of apartments. Typical levels have two apartments each are large 3 bedroom residences with street facing terrace/winter garden, secure lift access to provide optimum amenity and security.

The architecture responds to the mixed urban neighbourhood and the opportunity of a taller building envelope with a cubic form of striking 3D character. The ground level has a garage and entry that is wrapped in brickwork providing security and durability at ground level. Overhead each floor is expressed in a different material/colour with projecting bay windows providing transparency and facade variation. A number of bay windows have extended projection into the road easement, providing apartment plan variations as well as accentuating the cubic character of the complex.

The design would develop a comprehensive range of ESD strategies and each apartment with 6 star energy ratings.

Stage: Feasibility Study

Timeline: 2012